Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What can a $10B annual defense budget buy and maintain?

We do not have to resort to fanboyism to answer this question. We have an actual living breathing example - the Republic of Singapore. Singapore's annual defense budget is about $10B.

So how much military muscle does Singapore pack for territorial defense? Here we go:

6 diesel attack submarines
6 guided missile frigates
6 guided missile corvettes
40 F-15 Eagles
60 F-16 Fighting Falcons
17 AH-64 Apaches
196 Leopard main battle tanks
18 HIMARS self-propelled rocket artillery
48 SSPH-1 self-propelled conventional artillery

Now, if the Philippines have the same amount of firepower, ask yourself these questions:

Would Communist China have dared seize and build a military installation on Mischief Reef?

Would Communist China have dared seize Panatag Shoal?

Monday, February 26, 2018

Noynoy was Right

A few years ago, former Philippine President Noynoy Aquino created quite a diplomatic stir when he publicly compared Xi Jinping to Adolf Hitler. It is now turning out Noynoy was right. Xi Jinping has maneuvered himself to become President-for-Life of Communist China.

There is no more doubt. We are facing an imperialist despot in our western borders. And unless we make a life-or-death stand for Our Republic's survival, the Philippines will become the first cornerstone in Xi Jinping's own 1,000-year reich.

Let us strengthen the territorial defense capabilities of our Armed Forces to address this threat. To enshrine this measure in our national policy, our legislative bodies should pass a law pegging our annual defense budget at 3% of GDP. This would amount to about $10B annually.

The Education Budget-based cap on our national defense spending should also be removed through legislative action.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Maldives Crisis: a blueprint for confronting Communist Chinese military adventurism

It seems that Beijing's much self-publicized 11-ship Maldives Intervention Force quickly evaporated into thin air. Beijing might be greedy but Beijing is not stupid. The Indian Navy by its lonesome would quickly make mincemeat out of Beijing's seriously outgunned fleet. And Beijing still has to contend with the possible intervention of other Western navies, covert or otherwise.

This should bring a groundswell of hope to the small SEA countries that Beijing is currently trying to bully into submission - the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Beijing can be made to back down. The key is Superior Firepower.

India's investment in a substantial annual defense budget clearly paid off. Vietnam and Indonesia appears to be following the same strategy.

Only the Philippines is being left behind.

Is it because of lack of funds... or is it because of lack of Love of Country?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Big Trouble in Little Maldives

According to published accounts, an 11-ship flotilla of Communist China's PLA Navy is on their way to the Maldives to help discourage an Indian military intervention in the political crisis currently engulfing the islands. A handful of Guided Missile Destroyers and Guided Missile Frigates substantially account for the long-range punch of this small fleet. Of course, it would be naive to believe that Communist China's silent service did not tag along for the ride too. A pair of nuclear attack submarines is probably shadowing the fleet.

By contrast, here's what India can muster:

1 Aircraft Carrier
1 Akula Nuclear Attack Sub
1 Nuclear Ballistic Sub
14 Diesel Attack Subs
11 Guided Missile Destroyers
9 Guided Missile Frigates

The potential area of conflict is also well within range of the land-based combat aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

But I wouldn't be surprised if, by this time, Beijing has already forward-deployed its own combat aircraft on the Maldives itself.

Nevertheless, the tactical balance of power is still overwhelmingly on the side of India. So it would be safe to assume that Beijing's little fleet will end up in Barnacle Land should it try to interfere with any Indian military deployment in the Maldives.

But that would only be the opening salvo. Beijing can quickly retaliate with a land attack on the northern territories of India.

The outcome of this impending confrontation might well decide Beijing's military adventurism in the Western Pacific.

If India blinks and let Beijing have her way in the Maldives, Beijing will surely be more emboldened in muscling her way into the territories of her Western Pacific neighbors.

But if Beijing's Maldives military adventure ends up in a catastrophe, the ensuing political fall-out might force the Communist Party to once again look inward for the better of the next few decades.

This will be buy time for frontline countries like the Philippines and Indonesia in strengthening their respective militaries.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nagging questions on Benham Rise

The series of events:

1. Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Lorenzana publicly complained of the suspicious long presence of Communist Chinese ships at Benham Rise.

2. Philippine President Duterte said that he personally gave Communist China permission to conduct surveys at Benham Rise (apparently without DND Secretary Lorenzana's knowledge).

3. According to DND Secretary Lorenzana, Communist China appears to be looking for possible deployment locations for their submarines.

3. Philippine Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice (and recent Presidential Adviser) Carpio said that Benham Rise is not Philippine territory (Why on earth would he say that?).

4. Philippine Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice (and recent Presidential Adviser) Carpio said that other countries have the legal right to park their submarines within another country's Exclusive Economic Zone (Again, why on earth would he say that? And, it appears that he is wrong. The Exclusive Economic Zone sovereign rights holder has the exclusive right to establish installations on it.).

5. Philippine President Duterte ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to construct permanent structures at Benham Rise.

The nagging questions:

1. Why would the President of a country go out of his way to accomodate the unusual request of another country which is currently actively grabbing other territories of his own country?

2. Did the Duterte Administration just secretly agreed to grant underwater submarine basing rights to Communist China at Benham Rise?

3. Is the publicized construction of AFP facilities at Benham Rise just a smokescreen for Communist China's own construction of underwater submarine facilities?

4. Is the Duterte Administration conscious of the fact that Benham Rise could be used as a base for Communist Chinese submarines (aka "Boomers") armed with intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles aimed at military and civilian targets in  the Continental US (and would, therefore, be guaranteed to invite US retaliation)?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Communist China's "Poison Pill" defense in the West Philippine Sea

Communist China recently announced that she has developed a portable nuclear reactor. Then she proclaimed to the whole world that she is planning to install them on all her Fake Islands in the West Philippine Sea. The official justification given was to meet the energy needs of these Fake Islands. But I think she has more sinister plans in mind.
You see, despite the much-publicized modernization the Communist Chinese Military had undergone, Uncle Sam can easily vaporize with stand-off firepower the facilities installed by Communist China on these Fake Islands within minutes of any military conflict.
The presence of nuclear materials on each island would complicate this. One wayward ordnance could release lethal nuclear radiation in the surrounding seas. And poison marine life for years to come. Think of a man-made Fukushima multiplied 20 times!
So instead of just placing stand-off ordnance cross-hairs on these Fake Islands, Uncle Sam will have to take them out one-by-one with ground troops.
But even that approach could not guarantee the avoidance of "nuclear incidents". Communist China can easily install self-destruct charges on these portable nuclear plants. And turn each one of them into a "dirty-bomb-in-waiting".
And judging by the degree of callousness Communist China had shown in destroying all those marine life in the Spratlys in the pursuit of her fraudulent Nine-Dash Line claim, she certainly had it in her to commit this dastardly act. 


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is Communist China upstaging the US in the West Philippine Sea?

I just saw an article by the Wall Street Journal claiming that Communist China has upstaged the US in the WPS.
For the record, I think the main obstacle to US Military Action against Communist China in the WPS is Wall Street. Which, understandably, wants to protect its investments in Communist China at all cost. No investor in his right mind would exchange a multi-trillion dollar portfolio for a bunch of uninhabited islets, shoals and reefs in the middle of nowhere.

Beijing knows this too. That's why she is brazenly doing what she is doing now, notwithstanding the overwhelming firepower of the US Military she is facing.

Communist China is not upstaging the US in the WPS, she is just taking advantage of the Economic Interests of America's 1%!

But how long will this Economic Interest Umbrella last? You and I know that it can be trounced overnight by adverse American Public Opinion. And the way I see it, all that is missing now is that teenie-weenie spark that will propel adverse American Public Opinion to heights that would justify US Military Action.

Just remember, before Pearl Harbor, the Empire of Japan was seemingly upstaging the US all over the Western Pacific too.

Tick-tock... Tick-tock...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Remembering Bataan

Today, April 9, is Bataan Day.

Let us all take a moment of silence to remember our relatives and their brothers-in-arms who gave everything they had in the Defense of Liberty.

War is hell... but losing one is the worst fate of all.

Let us all bear this in mind as the prospect of war with Communist China grows stronger everyday. Never again should we allow a hostile foreign power occupy our shores!

Interestingly, we are now on the same side as our old WWII nemesis, the Japanese.

Which just goes to show that in geopolitics, there are no permanent friends or enemies...

Only permanent interests.