Thursday, November 13, 2014

ASEAN Summit: Myanmar did not do a Cambodia

By all appearances, Pres. Aquino was given a free rein to push Our Country's West Philippine Sea agenda at the recently-concluded ASEAN Summit in Myanmar.  This is in sharp contrast to what happened in 2012 at Cambodia.

It is possible that with the Damocles sword of the Rohingya crisis hanging over their heads, the leaders of Myanmar thought that they would need all the friends that they could get at the Summit.  Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei are definitely not too happy with what's happening to the Rohingyas right now.

But I think we are just seeing the independent streak of the Myanmarese at work here.  These people have always followed the beat of their own drums. 

Unlike Cambodia, Myanmar cannot just be pushed around to do Beijing's will.

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