Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris Unity March - Where is the Philippine President?

More than 40 Heads of State (UK, Germany, Israel, etc.) and 1.5 million French citizens marched in Paris today to express unity with the victims of the recent Wolf Pack attacks in the city.  All over the country, a total of 3 million people joined the march.  This was probably the biggest of its kind in recent French history.
In view of our own country's problems with Jihadism, and our on-going disputes with China in the West Philippine Sea, it would have made geopolitical sense for PNoy to attend the march.
How can we mobilize international support for our UNCLOS arbitration case if we cannot go out of our way to sympathize with a G-7 and major EU country in their hour of need?
The diplomatic strategists of Malacanang were sleeping on their watch...

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