Saturday, April 18, 2015

US Naval and Aerial Blockade - the only way to peacefully eject Communist China from the Spratlys

UPDATE (16 JAN 2017)

There is a new POTUS. And it appears that his administration agrees in principle that Communist China must be kicked out of the West Philippine Sea with whatever means necessary.

Unfortunately, the National Government of the Philippines is now overtly pro-Communist China.

So once again, Uncle Sam might have to do this on his own. But despite the Communist Chinese loyalties of the incumbent Philippine National Government, there will still be millions of Filipinos who will be eternally grateful.

UPDATE (24 FEB 2016):

Since the last update of this post, Communist China had done the following:

1. Flew civilian tourists to the Spratlys;
2. Deployed SAMs to the Paracels; and
3. Deployed combat aircraft to the Paracels.

Obviously, these are "cabbage leaves" designed to wrap the competition into submission.

It is time for Uncle Sam to get tough with Communist China.

UPDATE (07 JAN 2016):

This article was originally written about eight (8) months ago.

Since then, Uncle Sam had conducted several "Freedom of Navigation" maneuvers in the area.

Did it deliver the desired effect?

Judging by the fact that Communist China is now flying aircraft to and from Fiery Cross Reef... Hell, no!

It is time for Uncle Sam to up the ante...

Impose a naval and aerial blockade on any permanent foreign presence in the section of the Spratlys which is within the 200-mile EEZ of the Philippines!


Based on the latest media reports, China is now constructing two (2) runways in the Spratlys.  This is being accomplished by destroying 500 acres of live coral reefs.

In all likelihood, they will also construct a third runway at Mischief Reef.  And this reef is only 130 miles from the shores of the Philippines (roughly the same distance from New York City to Wilmington, Delaware).

Once these runways are operational, Beijing's logical next step would be to declare an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the entire Spratlys.  And then, she will impose a naval blockade to prevent all other claimants from entering the area.  This will starve-out the civilian settlements and military garrisons of the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan.  The West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea will then effectively become just mere backyard ponds in Beijing's growing empire. This is a textbook implementation of the Chinese Cabbage Strategy.

But this ominous development can still be stopped dead on its tracks.  The US can jump the gun on Beijing's impending aerial and naval blockade of the territory by imposing an aerial and naval blockade of its own - using the pretext of keeping international sea lanes open, as well as protecting the marine environment from further wanton destruction.

The Philippine Government can fire the opening salvo for this move by executing a formal written request for US intervention to the American People.

The million-dollar question then would be on how Beijing would react to this move.  Will she dare go to war (and certain naval humiliation) in the defense of her fraudulent Nine-Dash Line claim?  I don't think so.

And even if she does, it is always better to fight a half-prepared adversary than a fully-prepared one.

Once those runways are in place, the casualty count (and ergo the potential for a much wider conflagration) would be much higher.

The time to act is NOW!!!


  1. We are fast running out of non-lethal options... This is one of the few left...

  2. Agree with this.. just like what wht Kennedy did during the cold war to prevent the Russians from finishing the Russian missile base in Cuba at that time...

  3. Agree with this.. just like what wht Kennedy did during the cold war to prevent the Russians from finishing the Russian missile base in Cuba at that time...

  4. I agree with Terjik, Naval Blockage of Chinese supply ship, then wait who will fire the first shot.

  5. Good idea...then lets see what will happen...

  6. Nicely and correctly profiled. In more ways than one, the US Navy has been patrolling the West Philippine Sea with its state-of-the-art submarines undetected by China, but being advertised by the USA when they make their presence in Subic and elsewhere.
    It would be best if a US blockade is imposed this early; but, how nice it would be if the US Navy places an aircraft carrier with its complete support flotilla in the West Philippine Sea for a certain lengthy period, and rotate other aircraft-carrier flotillas that ensures continuous USA presence. How will it look if the 7th Fleet is first?
    No danger for the old chink generals to act crazy. They know that their single aircraft carrier is no match even to a single destroyer of the US Navy.