Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kevlar Helmet: The Philipine Experience

To my recollection, the "love affair" of the Filipino People with the Kevlar Helmet started about 17 years ago.

In 1998, the AFP approved the purchase of 500 Kevlar Helmets by the Philippine Marines.  Sounds like a simple transaction right?  Wrong!

What happened next was the stuff you would only expect to find in a corporate fraud manual.

The helmets were overpriced.  Most suppliers were fictitious.  Most of the helmets were never even delivered.  And those that were delivered, were found to be of sub-standard quality.  In short, not fit for combat.

Eventually, some personalities from both the government and the private sector were found guilty of shenanigans by the courts.  But the biggest fish of all managed to get away, only to haunt the Republic with bigger shenanigans down the road.

By now, hers is already a household name in the Philippines: Janet Lim-Napoles

All this tragic circus was just caused by the measly purchase of 500 helmets.

I shudder to think what 81,000 helmets could possibly bring.

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