Sunday, May 1, 2016

Communist China's "Poison Pill" defense in the West Philippine Sea

Communist China recently announced that she has developed a portable nuclear reactor. Then she proclaimed to the whole world that she is planning to install them on all her Fake Islands in the West Philippine Sea. The official justification given was to meet the energy needs of these Fake Islands. But I think she has more sinister plans in mind.
You see, despite the much-publicized modernization the Communist Chinese Military had undergone, Uncle Sam can easily vaporize with stand-off firepower the facilities installed by Communist China on these Fake Islands within minutes of any military conflict.
The presence of nuclear materials on each island would complicate this. One wayward ordnance could release lethal nuclear radiation in the surrounding seas. And poison marine life for years to come. Think of a man-made Fukushima multiplied 20 times!
So instead of just placing stand-off ordnance cross-hairs on these Fake Islands, Uncle Sam will have to take them out one-by-one with ground troops.
But even that approach could not guarantee the avoidance of "nuclear incidents". Communist China can easily install self-destruct charges on these portable nuclear plants. And turn each one of them into a "dirty-bomb-in-waiting".
And judging by the degree of callousness Communist China had shown in destroying all those marine life in the Spratlys in the pursuit of her fraudulent Nine-Dash Line claim, she certainly had it in her to commit this dastardly act. 


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  1. Nonsense. Nuclear reactors are tough - they have to be. Everything else can easily be taken out without rupturing the reactor building, with any means that are available or desired.