Saturday, February 14, 2015

How many of the SAF 44 were summarily executed?

The usual KIA-to-WIA ratio in combat is about 1:2 (but can be as low as 1:6 for countries with highly-advanced battlefield medical capabilities like the US).  Since the SAF suffered a total of 55 casualties, the expected KIA should have been 18 (55/3), and the expected WIA should have been 37 (55-18).
So, theoretically, about 26 of the reported 44 SAF KIAs were WIAs which have been summarily executed (44-18).   
If we dissect this further by unit, the potential number of summary executions from the 55th SAF Co. will be about 24 (36/3x2).  For the 84th SAF Co., it will only be about 2 [8-(19/3)].
Interestingly, the PNP's recently-released autopsy results indicated that 29 of the SAF fallen appears to have been summarily executed (the latest number the PNP is floating, based on the number of KIAs with headshots, is 27).


  1. Mr. Auditor, in your test of reasonableness you did not take into account that the 84th SAC (Seaborne) carried all their dead and wounded home. None of this particular unit's KIA was a result of summary execution...

    1. then we simply deduct 2 from 26... and that will give us 24 (all 55th SAF)... deduct 2 from the PNP headshot autopsy count of 27... gives you 25... and the last time i checked... 24 was still a close number to 25... <:-B