Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Marwan Raid and the West Philippine Sea - connecting the dots

After hearing all the back-and-forth accusations, innuendos and other testimonies on what really happened during this fiasco of a raid, it is starting to appear that the Marwan Raid was deliberately sabotaged in terms of planning and execution, for the following objectives:

1. Embarass Uncle Sam.
2. Embarass the incumbent POTPHI.
3. Provoke another all-out war in Mindanao.


4. Stop the passage of the BangsaMoro Basic Law (BBL).
5. Extra-judicially replace the incumbent POTPHI with a more malleable personality.
6. Stop the on-going external threat capability modernization of the AFP.


7. Neutralize the political will and military capability of the Philippines to defend its territories in the West Philippine Sea.


8. Turn the Philippines into a vassal state of Big Cousin China.

If you want to test this theory, just deliberately oppose these moves in a public forum.

And observe and feel from which direction the incoming return fire will come from...

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