Tuesday, July 10, 2012

American Right to PNoy: Send Back Ships to Panatag Shoal

according to the Philippine Star, The Heritage Foundation had just issued a statement urging Malacanang to send back ships to Panatag Shoal... to those not in the know, The Heritage Foundation is known as one of the unofficial mouthpieces of the American Right... the Foundation's statement was quite strong... “If allowed to stand, the current turn in the situation – that is, the Chinese left alone to represent its sovereignty claim in Scarborough (or Panatag Shoal as it is referred to by Manila) – is a defeat for both the Philippines and the US...”  and here's more... "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s participation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meetings in Cambodia this week was a prime opportunity for the US to let China and Southeast Asia know that it will not allow this one-sided bargain to stand.  It was also an opportunity for Clinton to reinforce the red line that the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty draws around the Philippines, its armed forces, and public vessels"... this is your cue to deploy back those ships PNoy... if Beijing touches even just the hair of our naval personnel... all hell will break loose...  

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