Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Soldier of Fortune Mag's take on the West Philippine Sea disputes

the August 2012 issue of Soldier of Fortune Magazine had just hit the newstands... it contains an extensive article on the Panatag Shoal stand-off, together with pictures of the frontline ships of the Philippine Navy (see p. 32), as well as the plethora of issues that is now swirling in the West Philippine Sea (call it South China Sea, if you want to make Beijing smile)... the closing lines of the article identifies the possible courses of action that could diffuse this impending geo-political crisis: "...withdrawal from the Philippines in the early 1990s has now left America's ally facing a threat to its interests on its own... addressing this over the long term may require either the return of American forces to the Philippines, or the creation of a multi-national defense organization along the lines of NATO."... thank you for the coverage SOF...

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