Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ECONOMIC POWER - Communist China vs. Western World

Much has been said about the current Economic Power of Communist China. Let us see how the Nominal GDP figures stack up.

The Nominal GDP of the key countries in the Western World are as follows:

   EU - $18.5 Trillion
   US - $17.9 Trillion
   Latin America - $9.5 Trillion
   Japan - $4.1 Trillion
   Canada - $1.6 Trillion
   South Korea - $1.3 Trillion
   Australia - $1.2 Trillion
   Philippines - $0.3 Trillion

That's a combined total of $54.4 Trillion!

Now, let's take a look at Communist China and her lone ally:

   Communist China - $11.4 Trillion
   North Korea - $0.0 Trillion

That's an almost 5:1 advantage for the Western World!

So tell me again about the Economic Power of Communist China...

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