Saturday, February 6, 2016

Issue War Bonds to finance the PAF Modernization

At the height of the Panatag Shoal Fiasco in mid-2012, the idea of issuing War Bonds to immediately address the funding shortfall of the on-going AFP Modernization Program was floated among Anti-China Nine-Dash Line netizens.

More than three (3) years and several completed Communist Chinese fake islands later, the National Govenment has not done anything on the matter.

And some people are still waving the "We are poor!" placard to justify the sorry state of the AFP, specially the PAF and the PN.

So, why is this not happening National Government?

Are you still afraid to upset Beijing?

If you think that the term "War Bond" is too provocative, let us call it "Defense Bond" to make it sound more politically correct.

I am confident that we can easily raise $10 Billion to $15 Billion through a War Bond issuance. They should probably be denominated in USD to make them more attractive to OFWs and Foreign Investors.

But the bottom line is, we should start the ball rolling...

We are up against someone who is determined enough to manufacture fake islands in the middle of nowhere!

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