Monday, February 8, 2016

Lumbia Airport hypocrisies

GRP Hypocrisy

Malacanang is still insisting that the US facilities at Lumbia Airport will be merely used to store Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) equipment.

C'mon POTPHI, this is already the Age of the Internet. Do you think the Filipino is still that gullible?

The whole world knows that the US Military is back in force in the Philippines to counter the threat of an on-going Communist Chinese Invasion. Right now, the Invasion is at a creeping pace. But tomorrow, it may not be so. The US Military is our insurance policy against the possibility that Communist China will one day be tempted to quickly actualize her delusions of grandeur.

So the best approach to this controversy is for POTPHI to come clean and tell the Filipino People that the Lumbia Airport facilities will definitely also be used to store US military hardware needed to counter any future military adventurism by Communist China. But for reasons of national security, the details of such hardware cannot be made public.

I think the majority of Filipinos would appreciate such a more forthcoming approach, rather than be blatantly lied upon like an ignoramus.

Philippine Left Hypocrisy

This is the greatest hypocrisy of all.

The Philippine Left is trying to make mountains out of the Lumbia Airport mole hill.

That will just be a freaking military equipment storage facility!

Compared to the airbase Communist China has constructed on Mischief Reef (and other fake islands in the Spratlys), that's practically nothing! 

But my advice on the Philippine Left is to keep on protesting.

Because you are doing a good job of showing the Filipino People where your sympathies really lie.

That deep in your hearts, you honestly believe that it will be to the best interest of your Misguided Ideology...

If the Philippines becomes a vassal state of Communist China.

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