Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kalayaan Journey of 10,000 Filipino Students - No reaction at all from our 2016 Presidentiables?

If the latest news are to be believed, all systems are go for the Kalayaan Journey of 10,000 Filipino students. They will depart for the Kalayaan Island Group on Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

In the annals of Philippine student activism, I can think of only one act which is more ambitious than this. And that is when Filipino student leaders under the leadership of the late VP Doy Laurel, rented their own ship (most of them must have come from well-to-do families) and tried to sail for Indonesia to join Indonesians in their war of independence against the Dutch (back then, the Malaya Irredenta dream was still very strong). As I understand it, Malacanang (and probably their horrified parents) prevented them from boarding their ship at the Manila Harbor at the last minute.

So I am a bit surprised that I have not heard any comment, whether positive or negative, from our leading 2016 Presidential Candidates. Let us make a quick roll call of them (in alphabetical order):

Jejomar Binay - no comment
Rodrigo Duterte - no comment
Grace Poe-Llamanzares - no comment
Manuel Roxas II - no comment
Miriam Defensor-Santiago - no comment

Is this an indication of the Level of Patriotism of our leading Presidential Candidates?

And also an indication of the level of political support our West Philippine Sea advocacy can expect to get from the New Occupant of Malacanang, once PNoy steps down next year?

No wonder Communist China has no respect for us at all...

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  1. Let us support these young Filipinos. By going to the West Philippine Sea Area and stay there for about 1 month is a patriotic act and symbolizes our real ownership of the Spratly Islands which is included in International Agreements entered into by our forefathers and ancestors specifically The Treaty of Paris in 1898, The Washington Treaty in 1900, The Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement in 1950 and The United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea in 1994. The West Philippine Sea issue will either be the triggering point of WW III if not handled correctly or if handled correctly by the Philippines, will be the starting point for a "Golden Green Philippines", as well as a prosperous and peaceful World for humanity beginning 2016. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at ang Filipino!

    1. I totally agree. If we fail to defend or West Philippine Sea territories, future Filipino generations will condemn us.

  2. I am already 58 years old and how I wish I am still like those 10,000 youths ready to defend and protect our sovereignty risking their lives against foreign invaders.

    1. We can always contribute in other ways. I never blogged until Communist China grabbed Panatag Shoal from us.

  3. I am not among the frontrunners in the Presidential derby, but if I will be given the chance to run for President of the Philippines and will win, my first Executive Order upon taking my Oath of Office is to declare you as "THE 10KY HEROES OF THE PHILIPPINES" with corresponding monetary reward/share from our Global Wealth which in due time will be opened by the Filipino Sole Signatory for the benefit of humanity.

    1. Every Filipino can contribute something to the advancement of our National Interests. There is, however, no magic shortcut. We have to do it, one patriotic act at a time.