Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why is Jokowi boycotting the APEC Meeting?

A few days ago, this blog raised an alarm on the rapid military build-up Jakarta is currently undertaking in the Natunas.

Yesterday, the possibility that Jakarta will file her own arbitration case against Beijing is all over the news.

Today, we just got this news that Jokowi (Indonesian President Joko Widodo) has decided not to attend next week's APEC Meeting in Manila.


I think Jakarta is not happy that Beijing's fraudulent Nine-Dash Line claim is not going to be officially included in the APEC Meeting agenda.

Manila foolishly gave-in to Beijing's wishes on the fraudulent Nine-Dash Line claim issue.

Jokowi's no-show performance is, therefore, maybe a snub on both Beijing and Manila.

What do you think?

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