Thursday, November 19, 2015

Taiwan should respect the northern treaty boundaries of the Philippines!!!

I just saw this disturbing news today that, as part of the recently-concluded 2015 APEC Meeting in Manila, the Philippines entered into some kind of fishing agreement with Taiwan vis-a-vis our northern treaty boundaries.

Taiwan should respect our northern treaty boundaries. These boundaries have historically been recognized by the Empire of Japan, Taiwan's previous administrator, and predates the formation of the Taiwanese state.

Taiwan cannot invoke UNCLOS, because she is not a signatory to the said treaty. In fact, she is not even recognized by the UN as a state. She is just considered a rogue province of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Conceding any territory to Taiwan is legally the same as conceding territory to the PRC under international law.  And should Taiwan and the PRC reunite (and I'm sure they would one day), the territories we conceded to Taiwan would transfer to the PRC.

This so-called "fishing agreement", therefore, is just another thinly-disguised scheme to grab Philippine Territory in the strategic Basi Channel.

And as a living testament to the buffonery that is so widespread in Our Country nowadays, our National Government is playing along with the scheme.



  1. The long time boundary problem between the Philippines and Taiwan is due to erroneous geographical coordinates in the Treaty of Paris between Spain and the United States which was never corrected and included in our Constitutions.
    Part of the Constitutional Convention’s published records, includes a report signed by Nicolas Buendia, former senator (and yes, of Buendia Avenue fame), who was Chairman of the Committee on Territorial Delimitation. He said that if you look at the Batanes Islands, the limit of our territory in that area should be the Bashi Channel.

    But the Treaty of Paris, according to Buendia’s committee report, was based on erroneous Spanish maps used in a 1895 agreement between Spain and Japan, which then owned Tiawan, and so the quoted lines of latitude and longitude in Spain’s agreement with the US placed the border at the Balintang Channel. Buendia recommended that the Philippines, in its new Constitution, fix the error so as to remove all room for doubt.

    But it seems the report wasn’t adopted in full, because instead of adopting the technically complete list of revised latitudes and longitudes, the 1935 Constitution was quite brief: the Philippines was the territory ceded by Spain to America in 1898 plus the Turtle Islands as agreed upon by Britain and the US in 1930.

    Our legislator failed to correct the geographical coordinates of the boundary between Taiwan and the Philippines according to the Treaty of Washington of 1900 which amended the Treaty of Paris of 1898.

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  4. Batanes islands - the land of turbulent winds and hardy Ivatans.

  5. Y'ami - Amianan island of Batanes Province.

  6. The main problem is not the minor inaccuracies in the Treaty of Paris. The main problem is ROC and PRC Imperialist Expansionism. Spratlys, Scaborough Shoal, Batanes... The pattern is quite easy to see...

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