Monday, November 30, 2015

Welcome to WOW...

Communist China had just signed a 10-year basing agreement at Djibouti for the PLA Navy. This naval facility is literally right next to an air base which Uncle Sam is also currently leasing from Djibouti. Essentially, Communist China is preparing the groundwork for challenging US military supremacy in the Indian Ocean, the Horn of Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the entire Middle East itself.

What are the implications of this development on our on-going territorial conflicts with Communist China in the West Philippine Sea? Read on:

1. Communist China's creeping invasion in the West Philippine Sea is not about some ancient historical claim. It is just a localized manifestation of the over-aching ambition of Communist China of replacing Our World Order with her own World Order.

Even if we win our UNCLOS case, therefore, expect Communist China to stay put on her fake islands in the Spratlys... Until we find some other way to kick her out!

2. Geographically, the entire world is the battleground of this World Order War (shall we call it WOW?). Battlefield losses of Our World Order in far-off lands (e.g. Syria) will also have adverse effects on our own West Philippine Sea battlefront.

Therefore, although the West Philippine Sea is the primary focus of our advocacy, we should always be ready to defend Our World Order. Anytime... Anywhere... Anyhow... Yes, even in Cyberspace!

3. This War will not only be fought Militarily. It will also be fought Politically and Financially.

In fact, if we can degrade the ability of Communist China to challenge Our World Order Financially and Politically, there might even be no need to bring out the Guns.

4. Just like the Cold War, we do not know how long WOW will last.

We will just have to continuously advance the interest of Our World Order financially, politically, and militarily...

Until the other side cries: No mas!

Welcome to WOW...


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