Sunday, December 20, 2015

SITREP 2015 DEC 20 - Communist China Nine-Front War on the Western World Order

The Situation as of Sunday, December 20, 2015:

1. European Security

a. Poland volunteers to assume responsibillity for the 200 B-61 US atomic bombs currently based in Germany.

b. NATO offers Alliance membership to Montenegro.

2. Middle Eastern Security

a. Communist China called for the close cooperation of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) member states in fighting security threats coming from the Islamic State (IS). SCO member countries include Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. India and Pakistan are expected to join SCO next year. Belarus, Afghanistan, Iran and Mongolia have observer status. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Nepal are dialogue partners.

b. Communist China supported the draft UNSC resolution for the peace process in Syria.

3. Asia-Pacific Trade

a. According to the US Defense Secretary, the TPP is as important as having another aircraft carrier.

4. Global Finance

a. Goldman Sachs closes its main BRIC (BRICS less South Africa) investment fund.

b. The Communist Chinese Yuan joins the US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound, and Japanese Yen as the official reserves of the world.

5. Global Currency

a. Communist China has a special military unit tasked solely with acquiring Gold for the country.

b. Communist China will launch a Yuan Gold Benchmark in April 2016.

6. African Trade

a. A Communist Chinese company will build a steel pipe plant in Nigeria.

b. Communist China and Kenya sign aid agreements.

7. NE Asian Territories

a. Japan will deploy ASMs, SAMs and thousands of additional troops on her islands in the East China Sea.

b. Communist China protests new US weapon sales to Taiwan.

8. Western Pacific Security

a. Japan and Australia re-affirm their opposition to any military build-up in the South China Sea.

b. US P-8 Poseidons conduct South China Sea patrols from Singapore.

9. SE Asian Territories

a. Communist China buys Russian SU-35s to patrol the South China Sea.

b. Philippine Congress rejects the proposed additional budget for the Country's acquisition of MRFs.

c. Deliberate destruction of corals and other marine life by Communist China in the Philippines' Kalayaan Island Group exposed.

d. US Pacific Fleet Commander warns of the possible use of force in settling territorial disputes in the region.

Original Post (at the Asymmetric Warfare Files blog):

The World Order War (WOW) can be divided into two (2) Sub-Wars - the Putin Russia Sub-War, and the Communist China Sub-War.

The Communist China Sub-War has currently Nine (9) Fronts:

1. European Security - Communist China wants to replace NATO with a  New World Security Organization (whatever that means);

2. Middle Eastern Security - Communist China establishes naval facilities at Djibouti to challenge Western Military Power in the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Mediterranean;

3. Asia-Pacific Trade - Communist China wants to establish the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) to rival the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP);

4. Global Finance - Communist China establishes the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to rival the Western- established International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), and Asian Development Bank (ADB);

5. Global Currency - Communist China wants to replace the US Dollar with the Yuan as the primary International Currency;

6. African Trade -  Communist China wants to replace Western aid efforts in Africa with her own package of grants, loans, debt forgiveness, and student scholarships (which would encourage the African Student Elite to learn Chinese languge and culture);

7. Northeast Asian Territories - Communist China wants to replace the Western-established territorial boundaries  with her own "ancient historical boundaries" (again, whatever that means), and challenge Japanese Military Power in the process;

8. Western Pacific Security - Communist China establishes a Carrier-Based Naval Force to challenge US Military Power; and

9. Southeast Asian Territories - Communist China invades Philippine territory and manufactures fake islands to replace the Western-established territorial boundaries in the South China Sea with her own self-manufactured and clearly-fraudulent Nine-Dash Line, and challenge US Military Power in the process.

Take note that, of these Nine (9) Fronts, Communist China has been the most successful with respect to Front No. 9...

The Invasion of the Philippines.

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