Sunday, December 27, 2015

The "Kalayaan Ten Thousand" made it!!!

Okay... Okay... Only 47 physically made it to Pag-asa Island...

But in the eyes of Communist China that's already 47 too many!

This is a clear message to Communist China (and the rest of the World) that, as a People, we are going to oppose this Invasion. Even without the support of our National Government!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this endeavor!

Thank you Malacanang for getting out of the way...

I first saw the news of this event on a US network. So this is definitely getting international coverage.

Let us maintain the momentum generated by this effort.

The next logical move would be to open Pag-asa Island to tourism...

Let us start behaving as a People... That the Kalayaan Island Group...

Is really Our Own!

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  1. China,uncivilized, member of United Nation but does not adhere to UNCLOS which China as a UN member. Moron, idiot,does understand what China sign as a member nation.