Thursday, December 31, 2015

RP's decision to join AIIB - Where is the SHAME?

Despite all the support we got from the US in blunting Communist China's creeping invasion in the WPS... We still ignored her request not to join the Communist China-led AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank).

Our Political Elite just do not have the mental and moral strength to resist Communist China's 30 pieces of silver!

This will have serious repercussions in Capitol Hill.

This will also embolden Communist China to be more aggressive in the conduct of her on-going creeping invasion.

With this kind of mindset in our Political Elite, Our Country is not going anywhere... 

Is it time for a major change?


  1. Replies
    1. I have to grudgingly agree under the circumstances...

  2. Why do you guys take this seriously? Can you separate business from political ones? AIIB has the benefit for the Philippines - true, and it will never affect the disputes in WPS.

    1. There is no money for Gripens, but there is money for the AIIB... Cute...

  3. political , social and ECONOMICS are all connected we gain silver while we gave them gold....hows that for a business hoax

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