Friday, January 29, 2016

The F-35 Fanboys!!!

I have been reading a lot of negativity lately vis-a-vis the technical suitability of the F-35 for the Philippine Air Force.

So I have listed below the committed buyers of the F-35:

  • Royal Australian Air Force (F-35A: 72 ordered, up to 28 more planned for 2030)
  • Israeli Air Force (F-35A: 33 ordered, first 2 to be delivered in 2016; up to 75 total planned)
  • Italian Air Force (F-35A: 6 ordered, 1 delivered in 2015, 60 total planned; F-35B: 15 planned)
  • Italian Navy (F-35B: 15 planned)
  • Japan Air Self-Defense Force (F-35A: 5 ordered; 42 total planned)
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force (F-35A: 2 delivered and in testing, 8 additional ordered, 37 total planned)
    • Royal Norwegian Air Force (F-35A: 4 ordered, 52 total planned)
    • Republic of Korea Air Force (F-35A: 40 planned)
    • Turkish Air Force (F-35A: 6 ordered as of 2015, 100 total planned with an additional 20 options)
  • UK Royal Air Force  (F-35A: 138 planned; F-35B: 4 delivered and in testing, 10 additional ordered, 48 total planned by 2023)
  • US Air Force (F-35A: 1,763 planned)
  • USMC (F-35B/C: 420 planned)
  • US Navy (F-35C: 260 planned)

Now that you have seen the list, ask yourself this question:

Do you honestly think that you are in a better position to evaluate the technical capabilities of the F-35 than any of these miltary organizations? 


  1. all of them ordered few for testing and evaluation.... the planned will only push thru if it passes their requirement more future MRFs.. lets just wait their evaluation.. and in other words, they still doubt the capability of the F35s

  2. i am old enough to know that both the USAF and the USN initially rejected the F-16 in the mid-70s as an export market cheapo... and compared to the F-15 and the F-14, they were right... even the now much-heralded F-18 started life as the YF-17... which lost to the F-16 as the Export Fighter-Bomber of the Western World...

  3. You always order a few in advance so that you can train the pilot and grounds years ahead of the bulk order. Also for commander to evaluate the utilization since tatics employment would be different.

  4. It is hard to be subjective when you are already on the train and have bought a ticket. No smoke without a fire.