Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why is the AFP buying night vision equipment from Turkey?

just saw a news item that the AFP will be buying night vision equipment from Turkey.

And this quickly activated my BS Sensor.

I have nothing against Turkey, but the best night vision equipment are US-made. Why aren't we buying from Uncle Sam then?

Our SpecWar units are US-trained. Why can't we just simply ask our US Trainers where they get their own equipment?

If we want US SpecWar units to be as good as their US counterparts, we should equip them like their US counterparts!

Besides, it is Uncle Sam's uniformed men and women who are currently risking life and limb to stop the on-going invasion of Communist China in the West Philippine Sea. The least we can do to reciprocate their efforts, is support the US Defense Industry.


  1. the main consideration appears to be cost... but the DND might also be making a big gamble here... the winning bidder has no track record in manufacturing NVDs... hopefully, no major problems will arise from these equipment in the field... for the sake of Our Troops...