Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What the West Philippine Sea Blog is all about...

The purpose of this post is to set the record straight.

I have been getting online flak lately on the "credibility" of this Blog (whatever that means).

For the record, the West Philippine Sea Blog was created as a platform for "Online Return Fire" in response to the Communist Chinese Occupation of Panatag Shoal in mid-2012.

The sole purpose of this Blog's existence, therefore, is to attack the Global Interests of Communist China... Anytime... Anywhere... Anyhow... (and defend the Global Interests of the Philippines and her allies)...

Until Communist China abandons her Creeping Invasion of the West Philippine Sea!!!


  1. "I believe and profess that a people never must value anything higher than the dignity and freedom of its existence; that it must defend these with the last drop of its blood; that it has no duty more sacred and can obey no law that is higher; that the shame of cowardly submission can never be wiped out; that the poison of submission in the bloodstream of a people will be transmitted to its children, and paralyze and undermine the strength of later generations; that honor can be lost only once; that, under most circumstances, a people is unconquerable if it fights a spirited struggle for its liberty; that a bloody and honorable fight assures the rebirth of the people even if freedom were lost; and that such a struggle is the seed of life from which a new tree inevitably will blossom." (Carl von Clausewitz)

  2. I think China will continue to occupy the wps even the Philippine win the arbitration ruling this coming month. so what is the next move of the Philippine if ever happen china will continue the aggression and occupation in wps.