Sunday, January 24, 2016

Use the $42 Million Arelma Marcos Money as the seed fund for Drone Technology Research

I just saw on the news that the $42 million Marcos Arelma Money is about to be released by the US to the GRP.

We have waited 30 years for this money. This money should be set aside intact in a Special Trust Fund that is beyond the reach of the National Government to spend. Otherwise, this will just dissolve into thin air without any quantifiable benefit to the Filipino People.

Only the future annual earnings of such fund should then be used to finance a research program that could benefit all Filipinos. The principal amount should remain intact.

And the program I am recommending is Drone Technology Research under the direct supervision of the University of the Philippines.


  1. That money is supposedv to be distrbuted to.the victims of injustice during the Marcos Martial rule

    1. Which would mean about 80% of all Filipinos...

  2. para sa taong bayan ang pera ,pwede sa defense drone project ,at ito aang katibayan ismpal natin sa mga mukha ng loyalistang at mga fanaticong marcos loyalist anong sinasabi nilang walang kinurakot